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The making of Platformance: Castle Pain – Part 1

Designing the hero for Castle Pain was a bit tricky. At first we decided the hero had to be small because the whole level design would depend on its size. The smaller the hero the more corridors and rooms we could put on screen.

PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain Hero

PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain Hero

1.  The very first design fits in a 10×12 rectangle. Its pretty hard to fit a helmet, boots, hands … in 10×12. Frustration lead to not so exciting designs (looks like a penguin with a helmet and purple shirt…)

2.  Realizing 10×12 was a bit small to be acceptable we decided to add a couple more pixels to its size. This is the 12×14 version of the hero. A big head, hands showing, some sturdy boots, and a royal red shirt…

3. Adding a cape to the previous design. Cape is cool, cape is knight.

4. Whats a knight without a sword. He looks proud with a sword (Though his sword is of  no help to solve the challenges in the game 🙂 )

5. Horns! Horns on helmet looks tough and savage!

6. The final design fits in a 16×16 square. Adding a couple more pixels helped define the shapes. His helmet is even bigger and so are his boots. He also keeps all the features from the previous designs that define him as a badass : cape, sword, horns.

Some of the inspiration may have come from great heros like theses:

Ghosts n Goblins

300 !

Castle Crashers

3 Responses to “The making of Platformance: Castle Pain – Part 1”

  1. Really interesting to see just a glimpse of the background work that went into this small but perfectly formed game. I am looking forward to seeing more about the genesis of the game. I would love to know more about where the games idea came from and what the creative process was behind the game. Also maybe a little about its author. Are you currently working in the industry or a student or even just a hobbyist? that kinda thing. Well hope you can find time for more of these little blogs.

  2. I really LOVED Platformance: CP, and really hope you make another, with several-levels (like a 10 hour game). I would gladly pay 1,500 MPS for such a game!

    Adam :0)

  3. Quote Adam:) if you make a sequel with 10 levels (with 10 bosses), and ability to use spells and weapons, then I buy it even at 800MP! Well done I do not know that I’d give to be there with you and assist with the design of other games. Greetings from your friend Italian fan:)

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