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Another bunch of reviews for Castle Pain (great name), a site that specialized in indie games  reviewed the game and ends it with:

It has the perfect combination of retro graphics, music and charm that make it a must play for old-school fans.

Full review :

Thanks Mike! “Classic reviews, modern reviews, all awesome” has a nice and lenghty review that starts like this 🙂 :

In today’s world there’s not a whole lot you can buy for a dollar. A bottle of soda can run you almost two dollars, and recently I’ve seen old fashioned “penny candy” going for over three bucks. It’s a shame that good, ‘ole George Washington is only good for getting cheeseburgers, but that’s about to change due to Platformance: Castle Pain.

Read the rest here:

Thanks Zachary!

DigitalQuarters the blog about “reviewing games you can’t normally find at your local game retailer” has a detailed review of Castle Pain:

Ever look at a game’s instruction manual and think to yourself, “THERE’S TOO MUCH HERE!” Ever long for the days of left, right, and jump while still having a game that remains fun? Well, as long as you’re alright with a short game that makes you cuss like a sailor, XBLIG Platformance: Castle Pain from Magiko Gaming just might be the profanity-inducing game for your simple needs.

Full review : Digital Quarters

Thanks Shin Hogosha !

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