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Design on the next Platformance has started

We have started the design of the next Platformance game. So this is the right time for a little update.

What’s done:

– We know where the action will take place (cant wait to tell you but not yet 🙂 )

– We have spent quite some time and designed 90 % of the deadly traps that you will encounter. Lots of new stuff in there.

– We are happy with a first layout of the whole experience

– We have a title

What’s left to do:

– Refining the whole design

– Art

– Code

– Fixing some stuff from Castle Pain

– Adding a local and online scoreboard! (Castle Pain will get an update with the addition of the scoreboard as well)

Here is a few random trap designs:

Platformance 2 trap design

Vertical Cruncher

A vertical drop where you have to jump at the right time or you will add one more death to your counter.

Platformance 2 trap design

Horizontal sliding blades

Blades on the ground and on the roof of a corridor that slide left and right in opposite direction… This should be fun 🙂

Bullet room

A room with some sort of cannon on the side and roof shooting bullets in between platforms. Think Quake 1 nail bullet traps. You’ll have to jump from platform to platform to reach the exit while avoiding a good number of bullets. Well… Hardcore mode will have lots more bullets than Easy 🙂

3 Responses to “Design on the next Platformance has started”

  1. Looking forward to it! I haven’t bought Platformance yet (I will with my next points card), but I loved the demo, and I’m a sucker for great looking retro style games.

  2. Cool beans! I liked Castle Pain and, considering you are improving the sequel from what has been said, I definitely look forward to it.

    Castle Pain is one game I reviewed but have yet to post yet. Website’s taking too long, so I plan on posting it soon…though I’m trying to do video reviews alongside the text ones…arg! 😛

  3. Amazing! DO WANT!

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