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Bombs, bombers, babes, bunkers…

We got a new game that is almost done. It’s called Bunker Buster and it’s in play testing right now. The idea came from the old Blitz game where you have a bomber going from left to right on the screen and everytime it reaches the border of the screen it goes one line down. Basically you have to bomb buildings underneath to avoid crashing into them.

The BLITZ entry description on wikipedia reads:

A plane moves across the screen at a steady speed. When the plane reaches the end of the screen it moves to the other side and drops down one line, with the speed increasing each time the plane drops a line. Below is a cityscape composed of blocks. The player has to drop bombs from a plane, and each bomb which hits a building removes one or more blocks. As the plane descends it risks hitting any remaining blocks so priority has to be given to bombing the tallest “buildings”. The level is completed when all blocks are removed and the plane has descended safely to the bottom of the screen

We like this gameplay and decided to start a little game based on it. The game is almost done now and it has gone quite a long way from the initial blitz idea. We added destructible terrain, gravity based gameplay, target objectives to finish the level, hostages to avoid, a wacky story with an evil vilain, and a mechanic babe! What’s left from blitz is a bomber going left and right dropping bombs.

More on this later.

In the meantime here are a few screenshots:

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