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Need a lot of black sheep wool to make this giant knight…

After seeing FortressCraft released on Indie Games I decided to go check out the inspiration: Minecraft.

I had been wanting to try it out for a while but could never find the time to do it and was afraid to get involved into it and sucked in… So finally,  I bought the game from and started playing.

A dangerous land filled with surprises...

The first in-game night was amazing, i had no idea what to do and got my arse kicked by all sorts of evil things. Then I built a shelter in the sand, pressed – Pause- and went to some wiki to get some crafting recipes to get me started. A couple night later, i found giant natural caves, was able to build basic stuff and started to survive better.

Going deep to find treasures and adventure...

Now I needed a goal… make a giant platformance knight in this dangerous land! I decided it would be made out of sheep wool since i could dye it many colors and it would match well the knight colors… At first I thought it would take me a couple hours, but I went through so many adventures to get all the pieces. Colors were found deep insides caves (blue  Lapis Lazuli stones deep down were used to make the purple color), and there was lots of black color that could only be found on rare black sheeps (technically Squids give black dye too, but they are even harder to find…). I died and respawned many times…

Desert Cactus Temple

Here is a video, a conclusion of 10 days inside Minecraft (I had no idea it would end like this!) :

I found playing Minecraft to be a fantastic experience. I think what resumes it best is: “Less is more'”. The core gameplay is very simple yet different situations emerge all the time. The world is made of 16×16 pixels textured cubes but there is thousand of them shaping an infinity of intricate landscapes to explore. The tools are basic but only your imagination is the limit. Sometimes it’s very peaceful and relaxing, and sometimes it gets brutally unforgiving.

99% made of wool

If you like exploration, survival, surprises, atmosphere, you should definitively give it a try.

One Response to “Need a lot of black sheep wool to make this giant knight…”

  1. How creative! Nice work!

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