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Game Interface review, online scoreboards, Platformance 2

Here is a bunch of news:

GameInterface review:

Mr Deeke over at Game Interface reviewed Platformance: Castle Pain and liked it:

Overall, Platformance: Castle Pain is an enjoyable and entertaining Xbox Indie title that makes use of platformer aspects as well as medieval design to deliver an original gaming experience. Whether you’re a hardcore platformer addict or a casual gamer, this title will keep you enthralled in both rage and pleasure–it’s one of those games that you want to beat only to spite it and get revenge for the dozens of times you’ve died.

Read the whole review  > here <

Platformance: Castle Pain next update 1.8

We are currently testing an online scoreboard for Platformance: Castle Pain. Like most of the Indie Games sporting scoreboards this a peer to peer scoreboard (meaning you exchange and propagate scores with other players online at the same time as you). So far the tests are good, so expect an update in a near future.

Platformance 2:

People have asked news about Platformance 2. We have started working on it again.  We have a title, a hero, the whole design, some music, some code, and many more details, but we’re not quite ready to talk about it other than to say “we’re on it!”.

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