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Platformance: Temple Death – work in progress update

Here is a little update about Platformance: Temple Death.

We are doing good progress on the level design implementation and graphics. What is done is already pretty fun to play.

Be ready to pull some hair and scream insanities out loud soon !

In the meantime here is a screenshot showing part of the jungle (work in progress material).

Platformance: Temple Death - work in progress jungle

Click for fullsize!

3 Responses to “Platformance: Temple Death – work in progress update”

  1. Love the “pixel” graphics 🙂 gj

  2. I love the pixel graphics can’t wait for this release which i hope goes to wp7 i just wondered if were gonna see levels instead of just a huge one level it would definitely make the game more entertaining completing, u know with a couple bosses. I mean i played castle pain and i wished for some more longetivity even some achievements (no i don’t care for the actual Xbox ones) but yeah can’t wait for platformance temple death =)
    Pls levels storyline:)??

    • Thanks for the kind words. Right now Platformance is still a single level based game, but Temple Death has rewards and flopwards, and testers have already said they like it at least as much if not better than Castle Pain. The goal is still to finish it in the most difficult mode without dying once (we haven’t done it yet ourselves hehe)…

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