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Bunker Buster is on WP7

We now have 2 games on Windows Phone 7. Bunker Buster was just released on the marketplace today! It’s really nice to see it run on the small screen as it runs just like on XBox.

For those of you that don’t know about Bunker Buster, it’s an aircraft piloting game where you have to destroy objectives in order to finish the game 32 missions and finally claim your reward.

Bunker Buster on Windows Phone 7

The ‘official’ description:

From the makers of Platformance: Castle Pain comes a game about:
Bombs and bombers, skills and rankings, babes and bunkers: BUNKER BUSTER!
Blast your way through 32 levels of destruction madness.
Put your piloting skills to the test with planes, helicopters… and missile launcher mounted jetpacks that cut through rocks like butter.

– Destructible landscape
– Simple controls
– 6 different aircrafts with their own physics
– Local scoreboard
– Comic book style graphics
– A story with twists and turns
– Unlock missions as you go
– Destroy targets but avoid hostages
– Save your mission at any time
– Collect Rewards but avoid Flopwards!

Gameplay video on the phone itself showing some features of the game:

Direct link to the game from your phone: Bunker Buster WP7

The XBox Indie Game version of the game is in peer review and should come out soon.

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