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Bunker Buster released today on XBox Indie Games

We are happy to announce that Bunker Buster has been released today on XBox Live Indie Games for 80 MSP. This our second game release (first one being Platformance: Castle Pain) and we hope you’ll like it.

It’s a game about piloting skills; you destroy objectives while trying to avoid the destructible terrain and potential hostages. The game features simple controls: one button to put gas and rise up, and one button to drop bombs. Gravity does the rest.

The design is based on the old 80’s classic game Blitz (see wikipedia link) that ran on Commodore. In Blitz you must bomb a city in order not to crash into its tall buildings. Your plane automatically travels horizontally and drops one square every time it reaches the end of the screen.

So Bunker Buster keeps the plane moving by itself horizontally and the bomb dropping, but we added gravity to the game, the possibility to put upward trust with the triggers, destructible landscape, objectives and hostages for 32 missions, different aircraft types (planes, helicopters, jetpacks, all with their own physic), and a goofy story line involving Foxie the mechanic girl, the pesky General DoucheSack, and an evil secret ugly boss. The game has scoreboards (local and online), rewards and flopwards (?!), save and unlock levels features. The ultimate goal of the game is to beat the 32 levels and finish with the Marshall rank (you start as a rookie and work your way up as you succeed missions. If you fail a mission you get demoted).

You can download the demo straight to your XBox by following this LINK.

(ok, now back to finishing Platformance: Temple Death. If you thought Castle Pain was hardcore, well, Temple Death is one notch above… )

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