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Platformance: Temple Death is done!

Platformance: Temple Death is finished. We submitted it to Dream Build Play 2011 last week, and the game is now in Peer Review to be green lighted on XBox Indie Games. Which means that if everything goes right, we’ll have a release soon.

So what’ new compared to Castle Pain? It’s still a giant single level filled with traps and a damsel in distress to be rescued. That’s what Platformance is all about. But it’s a completely new level design with many new traps and original gameplays. You’ll have to see for yourself because we don’t want to spoil the details about it. Also this versions will come right away with local and online scoreboards. We have also added rewards to unlock when you finish the game (9 rewards based on the skill level you selected and the total number of death). In Bunker Buster we introduced “Flopwards”, reverse rewards of sorts, funny things you should avoid do while playing the game. We’ve put Flopwards in Temple Death as well.

Here is the video we submitted to Dream Build Play:

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