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First Platformance: Temple Death reviews coming in. And a shot at scoreboards

Platformance: Temple death reviews


If you want to read some unbiased reviews about the game to get an idea of what’s waiting for you in Platformance: Temple Death, check out theses first reviews that appeared shortly after the release:

It’s like someone took the theme of Indiana Jones or one of the old Tarzan type movies, mixed it with Spelunker/Donkey Kong gameplay mechanics, and Mixed in the nerve racking difficulty of SuperMeatBoy!

9 out 10


With all the features (and more) of the original, and at the same great price, I see no reason NOT to pick this up.  If Super Meat Boy made you scream with rage, prepare to smash your controller over this hardcore mode.

Game Score: 9/10.


One More Level

What PLATFORMANCE delivers is not only the perfect venue to showcase your decades’ worth of platforming experience and skill, but also some of the most affordable hardcore thrills available on the 360.



PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death is another brilliant and brutal reminder of why we fell in love with the platforming genre. Download it, assume the position and prepare for equal doses of pleasure and pain!

XBox Live Indie game of the week

Big thumbs up to the reviewers. We will put some more as we find them.


Platformance Temple Death Leaderboard

Also now that the game has been out for a couple days, the scorebards are filled up and to this day we have 3 players that have managed to finish the game without a single death in Normal mode (pictured above). Gratz to them, these are great “platformances”. (Noone has finished the game without dying in Hardcore or Insame mode yet…)

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