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Platformance: Temple Death update coming soon

Temple Death Update

We have a new update coming soon that will add some additional gameplay to Platformance: Temple Death. Once you reach Grace Belly you will now have to bring her back to safety. Oh and she is too exhausted to walk, so you will have to carry her!

This is something we wanted to try so we implemented it and it’s quite fun. It adds challenges and a good lenght to the game as you have to go through many traps backwards.

The update will also make a small change to the online scoreboards: You will now only see a single gamertag once.

Carrying Grace Belly back to safety

2 Responses to “Platformance: Temple Death update coming soon”

  1. Great update. 🙂 Of course, the old way I got down to 1 death, but trying to go backwards, I had 60+ deahts. hahaha. First time though and it was past my bedtime, have to work ya know. 🙂 I will get back to it and bring down that number. -jamescincinnati

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