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Ooops …

A little creepy bug has managed to get through the Platformance: Temple Death 1.3 update. It affects the scoreboards, and so you might not see the scoreboard behave quite normally. We have fixed the bug now, and are submitting the fix to peer review. So it might take a few days before it is corrected. We will let you know as soons as it’s up.

6 Responses to “Ooops …”

  1. Would this be affecting the Castle Pain scoreboards as well? Or do they take a while to update? I have loads of scores dated April showing up.

  2. So whats the deal with most of the scores being labbeled DEMO and dated 01/04/11?

  3. So I downloaded the latest update and it still seems to act weird. A friend of mine who plays the game does not see my scores and I don’t see his.

    How does this scoreboard update work? Does it check on a schedule, or wait until the player has a new best time/lowest death count?

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