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Announcing the next game

who is god - magiko gaming

We have a new game that should be released sometimes during August. It is called “Who is God” and it’s an energized vertical platformer with an addicting gameplay, funky pulsing music and vibrant graphics. One cool feature is that the best online player gamertag will be showing up all over the place as being the one and only current GOD! The online scoreboard will also be displayed during gameplay where you will be able to see yourself climbing up the ranks as you pass by other player scores.

So far people that have tested it have really enjoyed the game, found it to be quite addicting and liked the whole gameplay/music/visual interaction.

You can figure out some details in this video:


Here is a screenshot. More can be found on the Facebook page WHO IS GOD (be sure to like the page if you like what you see!)

--Who is God-- by Magiko Gaming

More details soon…


One Response to “Announcing the next game”

  1. It seems that the online highscores are… fake. It only shows the “top 24” players instead of the top 100. Is it supposed to be like this? All of the names on the highscores look like they’re an actual part of the game (meaning Magiko Gaming added in the highscores rather than them being actual gamertags). Is there something wrong with my game or will you eventually be adding actual online highscores so we can see “who is god” among all players? Thanks.

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