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XBox Live Indie Game of the Week on Dealspwn

Jonathan over at graces us (for the 3rd time!) with a Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week trophy for Who is God ! That’s pretty awesome !

Let’s get this out of the way with here and now: yes, Who Is God is more than vaguely reminiscent of Doodle Jump. In fact, the core mechanics are broadly identical – except that tilt controls have given way to responsive analogue inputs and the sketchy art design has been replaced by pulsing neon mind candy. Who Is God looks absolutely beautiful, complimenting is colourful and eyecatching aesthetic with an addictive soundtrack that will lodge deep inside your brain, titillatingly tickling your pleasure receptors as it does so. Magiko have balanced their classic 8-Bit presentation with a modern edge, and the compromise is thoroughly stunning.

Read the full review here: Xbox Live GOTW

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