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Another good reason to get a Windows Phone 7: Platformance Temple Death!

Platformance: Temple death windows phone 7

While you wait for Mango or a shiny Nokia device to come out of the woods why not enjoy some serious platforming beating with PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death on WP7 in the meantime?!

Watch out for that waterfall !

PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death is now available on the Windows Phone marketplace. Get to avoid tons of evil traps, jungle baddies, and more evilness to satisfy your thirst of platforming challenges.

Here is the feature list for this version:

  • – over 40 challenges to overcome
  • – zoom in on the action or zoom out to see the whole level
  • – 3 difficulty modes with their own traps configuration
  • – take screenshots to send to your friends or brag over the internet
  • – Local scoreboards
  • – Rewards
  • – Flopwards!
  • – chiptune music
  • – once at the end, experience the game backward

Deliver famous actress Grace Belly and bring her back from the depths of the temple

Try the game on your Windows Phone by following this link:

So take a break from your “Angry Birds”, and other “Doodle Jump” to play some challenging adventure in a place where only the fools can survive!

This mine isn't from Minecraft or Terraria but it's still dangerous and full of surprises!

3 Responses to “Another good reason to get a Windows Phone 7: Platformance Temple Death!”

  1. Very nice game !
    Keep on the good work
    just finished the game on normal mode
    is there any easter eggs 😉 ?

  2. […] unabhängig voneinander bewegen muss. So auch in dem sehr schön anzusehenden Plattformer PLATFORMANCE: Temple Death von Magiko Gaming. Als Pixel-Indiana-Jones hüpft ihr auf einer einzigen Map von einer Falle in […]

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