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Introducing “PLATFORMINES” !

Hello, it is a good time to give you a few details about the next game we are working on.

Codenamed “Platformines” the game is based on the Platformance engine. It features a huge platform world; while you had a single screen to go through in a Platformance game, this one will have a few thousand screens to explore!

While there is some mechanics from the Platformance games, it introduces lots of other fun ideas we’ve had and some big surprises.

We are at a prototyping stage right now and there is lots of exciting stuff being tested. Expect more details right here on this blog on a regular basis as development progresses.

This is one of the many ways your hero could look... (This time around you will be able to use your weapon!)

In the mean time feel free to voice your opinion/questions in the comments section as we are very interested in listening to your feedback.

7 Responses to “Introducing “PLATFORMINES” !”

  1. Love the guy with his big gun 🙂

    “a few thousand screens to explore…” Waouhhhhhhh fun !

  2. I like your games. Need more!

  3. So cool i’ve already bought the 2 previous plateformance on WP7!!
    I can’t wait more to have a new one!
    Please show us some screens ^^

    • We don’t have much to show right now since we’re prototyping and the graphics are not done, but we’ll put some screens showing something soon. We plan on updating the blog often to keep you posted as progress goes.

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