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First details about “Platformines”

The prototype is coming along nicely. On this screenshot you can see a world generated with blocks, a hero jumping around and exploring through some fog of war, pretty glowing gems…

What will be in this part of the mines ? A chest containing a badass new weapon and deadly traps all around...

Here is a little run down of what we are -planning- for “Platformines”:

The game revolves around exploring a huge platform world populated with traps, baddies and treasures.

Some details about the features include:

  • Enemies (humanoids wielding weaponry and alien/animal/whatever)
  • Weapons (firearms and close combat)
  • Traps, deadly traps, platforms, and more traps Platformance style
  • Items to collect
  • Quests to help you visit the world
  • A place to sell treasures and buy things
  • The hero appearance will be customizable
  • Crafting your own weapons from the things you collected
  • The hero must get better equipment to be able to go further down the world
  • You will be able to randomly generate the world (using a seed)

There is more to it and this will come later. Since the feature list is pretty big for a two men team, everything might not make it to the first release. We would like to have feedback from players on what they like the most and see how we update things. So we may do a first release with a solid base of the game to get that feedback (a sort of beta but with a game that’s already fun and balanced). What do you think ?

9 Responses to “First details about “Platformines””

  1. I like this idea, moreover we would play it in a shorter delay 😀

  2. Hey Guys, I would like to ask if you plan on making a PC version of this game so I can give you my money, will it happen?


  4. […] We hope you really like double jumping and fog, because that’s about all we can really gather from Magiko Gaming’s latest Platformines development video. While the video might not reveal much other than how the fog of war element will function, Magiko has revealed plenty of ambitious nuggets on its website. […]

  5. Hey guys,cant wait for platformines.Im a big fan of pixel art and loved both platformance games.Keep up the good work and take your time.Nothing bugs me more than a game thats rushed.Quite happy to pay for quality.

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