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“Platformines” development update – part 4

Hello. Lots of new additions have been put in the game lately.

First we have a home base. This is the place where you start the game, and where you’ll keep coming back to sell/buy stuff, save the game and teleport further down the mines. The teleporters are pretty cool. You can change their position from a computer mini map and teleport to wherever you have been before. So as you go down and explore you move the portal further and further, this way you are always close to your base. If you decide that you want to explore another part of the map, you simply go back to your base, and move the teleporter to where you want to go next.

Home base

The NPCs are a bit smarter now, they can ‘air-jump’ and go across different platforms.

There is plenty of new weapons to see as well. There is revolvers, shotguns and rocket-launchers made of different combinations of the metals you can find in the mines. (more on this later)

Walking in front of an object displays an info windows with commands on what you can do.

We have started to implement traps also, and so there is some pushing blocks that can squish you, and some rotating cave diggers that do damage on contact. More diverse traps will added in the game later, but right now we know it works well with just a few traps already.

HD video here:

There still a lot to be done, but we are happy with the progress. Next: inventory, shopping, actually grabbing objects, weapons with different behaviors, complex traps…

What's next ??!!

As usual, don’t hesitate to comment, as we would like to know what you like, don’t like, or would like to see in the game.

The game will be available on PC and XBox.

5 Responses to ““Platformines” development update – part 4”

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  2. Will there be multiplayer in any form?

    • Right now we’re focusing on the singleplayer experience for the first version. But if enough people ask for multiplayer we could do something about it later on. Coop could be fun.

      • when a playable version of the game is availid

        and yea we want Multiplayer

        it hope it’s a good game 😀

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