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“Platformines” development update – part 6

As we are getting closer to finishing (one step at a time), fun features are coming in. This video update mainly shows 2 new weapons that have been added: the shotgun and the sub machine gun.

The shotgun is a short range weapon that shoots 5 bullets in a wide spread cone. Very useful in confined environment and quite deadly when shot right next to the target.

The sub machine gun is a high firing rate weapon that holds 15 rounds that spit out in less than a second. The drawback is that the bullets do less damage. Still it’s mean!

The video shows more new things like: objects dropping, cash bags, electric blocks, spikey moving blocks.

As you can see in the video the enemies AI has been enhanced which creates some interesting situations.

We also started to balance the game a bit (roughly) which mean that are we getting closer to the end…

This hero is named "Buck MacBandit" (different heroes have different names)

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