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Platformines: entering the last stretch!

It seems like we’re seeing the end of the tunnel. We started working on Platformines about 7 or 8  months ago, and there is just a few weeks left for it to be finished. Current state of the game: we have all the features in and most of the contents. What’s left to do: tweaking, more content, PC  keyboard/mouse inputs, and some polishing. The good thing is that the game is really fun and addicting. Often we’ll start some testing and end up playing for a few hours. That’s a really good sign!

Some more deadly traps await.... (click for fullsize)

A typical game will last around 10 hours, maybe a bit less once you played it and you get better at it. Since the world is randomly generated, each game is unique and has it own flavor.

We have taken some big design decisions regarding the teleporting: we streamlined the process to make the game more straight forward and more action based. We were glad that after testing it felt even better. We had invited a few people to test our builds and everyone all really liked the exploration side of the game. So we had to make sure you spend most of the time exploring (hence the teleport changes).

The question marks shows the point of interests. The exclamation point is your current goal. (click for fullsize)

The end game stuff is there as well. Basically you explore the world to find 9 missing parts that you need in order to rebuild the RoboDIG; a giant digger machine that you need to escape the mines. The nine parts are scattered in different places that get harder and harder to reach.

Your home base. Your goal: rebuild RoboDIG and escape the mines. (click for fullsize)

The good thing is, all the loot you get will help you buy upgrades for your energy belt, new weapons, ect, so you’ll be able to get on the tougher parts of the world with it.

Weapons, belt upgrades, bigger bags are part of the Easy Market selection. (click for fullsize)

Some fun stuff that we didn’t planned at first were added: droppable wigs and hats. Sometimes when you kill an NPC you’ll will be able to get his hat or his wig and wear it. You will also find some rare hats in chests…

So, it seems like you should soon be able to get lost and explore the mines for treasures and fame.

We can’t wait for you to get in there !

2 Responses to “Platformines: entering the last stretch!”

  1. Is this new one coming to Xbox? And if so, can we expect a WP7 port as well?

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