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Girls! Beta 2 …

(Edit: the beta 2 is live! grab it here:

Just a short update to let you know that we’ve been hard at work on fixing issues and addressing feedback reported from the first beta. We’ve also added new stuff that you’ll be able to try out in the beta 2.

Here is short list of the main things we did that you will see in the beta 2:

  • Way less tips intrusion (now they disable by default when you close)
  • beginning gun is less powerful, so you’ll get better loot sooner (makes the game a bit harder at first)
  • some fixing to collision and falling damage
  • many bug fixes and tweaks
  • added bonus on hats
  • added Turrets!
  • added Saw gears!
  • added Bats!
  • added MutaCrabs!
  • added Girl characters !! (when you create your hero and in game enemies)

Also we added more very cool content in the full version, but you won’t get to experience it until the release (not gonna spoil you yet! Surprise is key.)

The character selection screen with a customisation of a female character (click for full effect)

Another female hero proudly wielding a shotgun (click for full size)


9 Responses to “Girls! Beta 2 …”

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  2. I have not played this game but after seeing your posts i want to play for knowing more about it…
    Gaming Glimpse

  3. A new awesome beta that I’ve played for ours just to buy all the items in the store (I have not finished yet). I can’t wait for the launch 🙂 I hope there would be more hats (with bonuses too), AWESOME!

  4. tried the beta, pretty nice, although it would be very appreciated if you remove the collision damage from ‘walking enemies’ i mean, they already have a gun, also melee weapons please 🙂

    • Thanks!
      This game is also a platfomer that needs skills => we decided to punish the gamer when he does not give enough attention to the ennemies => We still handle damages when touching them…

  5. Fantastic site! Thank you so much for your generosity.

  6. needs grenades

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