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We need you !

Platformines is about to be released but we need you !

Platformines is finished but we need to find a good way to publish it.

The best way is STEAM of course!

And it is possible, but we need your help.

Platformines is now part of the GreenLight process on the Steam website. All we got to do is get enough people to show support and the game will come out on STEAM.

So far, we are getting great support from people all around but at this point we still need more, so please if you haven’t done it yet go to our GreenLight Page and click on the YES button to tell Steam that you want Platformines on the service. That’s just one click we’re asking you that will make the game available to all 🙂

Also, if you can leave a happy comment on there as well that would be ace!

Tell your friends about it as the more people we get the faster we’ll get on.

Thanks a bunch and we’ll be happy to let you know when the game is finally out on Steam (soon if you help us!)

One Response to “We need you !”

  1. STEAM may be a good way to launch your game, but I think it’s better to make it by your own, I mean, launching it without depending on other companies. Steam is good, but my experience about it is that they use to “stick their noses” too much.

    Just my opinion, anyway, you’ll get my endorse on greenlight 🙂

    Thanks for making this awesome game!

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