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French site gave us a 16/20

July 29, 2010

The guys over at reviewed the game in french here: Thanks Sined!

Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week from

July 29, 2010 graced us with this trophy and this awesome review. “PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain hits the perfect sweet spot between punishing difficulty and immense satisfaction at beating each obstacle. There may only be one level, but you’ll be surprised at how much they’ve managed to pack into it. Essentially, it’s an archetypal platformer that’ll make you dig […]

Forum thread for posting your best scores

July 28, 2010

You can post and brag about your best Platformance: Castle Pain scores on this thread: forum thread

Destructoid talks about Platformance: Castle Pain

July 27, 2010

Yes, we do take this as a compliment coming from Destructoid 🙂 “Before the still-sorta-recent switch to more reasonable Microsoft Point bundles ($5, $10, etc.) on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, it was far too easy to build up weird amounts of extra points. Sure, you could buy Avatar gear or an Xbox 360 theme with […] reviews Platformance: Castle Pain

July 27, 2010

Michael Rose from posted a news tip about the game: “If Super Meat Boy and Journey to the Center of the Earth had a love child, this would probably be it.” Full read here:

IndieNerds review of Platformance: Castle Pain

July 27, 2010

Gerald from the cool indie game review site Indienerds posted a video review of the game. Here it is : IndieNerds review Thanks Gerald!

Kotaku: This game is suitable for framing !

July 26, 2010

The guys over at Kotaku seem to like the game 🙂 Which is awesome for a little game like ours. Lots of interesting comments after the news. “Jump through the castle, die a lot — as I did — and keep reviving at the nearest candle. Beware the ghost.” Linky: Kotaku

News tip on Gamerbytes for Platformance

July 26, 2010

Ryan Langley posted a short review: “The upcoming Castlevania: Harmony Of Despair is a unique title in which you can view the entire level all at once if you wish. A new Xbox Live Indie game that goes by Platformance also does this — but on a much smaller scale.” Read more here: Gamerbytes

PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain — A Fan-Fictional Review

July 25, 2010

An awesome fan fictional review by Nintendoll on GiantBomb. This could be the introduction to the game manual (if there was one…) “The clink and clatter of deadly machinery echoed around the solitary knight as he paused to rest. His entanglement with the prehistoric sea-dwelling creature had taken much longer than expected. He shook out […]

PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain Review on xboxindies from Kotaku by Kobun

July 25, 2010

A nice and lengthy review written by Kobun: “I truly love the design and style, and the game is a fun and challenging bite-sized experience which deserves all the purchases it can get.” Thanks Kobun! Full article here:

Nukezilla Review: PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain by Chelsea thompson

July 25, 2010

Chelsea Thompson  reviewed the game on Nukezilla and gave it a score of -1 !  🙂 Castle Pain, while punishing and frustrating, manages to also be charming and addictive. The price point (80 Microsoft Points) is reasonable; even inexpensive considering the time commitment to beating the game on each difficulty (plus the rewards system for […]

PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain Trailer on youtube

July 25, 2010

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July 25, 2010

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