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XBox Live Indie Game of the Week on Dealspwn

August 4, 2011

Jonathan over at graces us (for the 3rd time!) with a Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week trophy for Who is God ! That’s pretty awesome ! Let’s get this out of the way with here and now: yes, Who Is God is more than vaguely reminiscent of Doodle Jump. In fact, the […]

First Platformance: Temple Death reviews coming in. And a shot at scoreboards

June 22, 2011

Reviews If you want to read some unbiased reviews about the game to get an idea of what’s waiting for you in Platformance: Temple Death, check out theses first reviews that appeared shortly after the release: It’s like someone took the theme of Indiana Jones or one of the old Tarzan type movies, mixed […]

Xbox Live Indie Game of the Week from

July 29, 2010 graced us with this trophy and this awesome review. “PLATFORMANCE: Castle Pain hits the perfect sweet spot between punishing difficulty and immense satisfaction at beating each obstacle. There may only be one level, but you’ll be surprised at how much they’ve managed to pack into it. Essentially, it’s an archetypal platformer that’ll make you dig […]